Digital Print

A, direct printing without color plate . Digital printing can save expensive reprographic cost and time savings guests large upfront costs.

B, flower fine pattern can be customized for or we provide , colorful , structured, bright colors, rooms over the natural colors , printing effect is comparable with photos , breaking many of the limitations of traditional printing , which greatly expands the printing flexibility.

C, one meter from the set . MOQ is small. The 21st century is a highlight personality era is an era of design. Everybody is a designer , especially in the field of fashion and home textiles , textile digital printing can be more tailored .

D, rapid response . Digital printing production cycle is short, quick and easy changing of flowers to meet rapidly changing market demands.

E, widely applicable . Digital printing can be beautifully printed pattern can also be printed on polyester and other synthetic fabrics in Dacron fiber, cotton , silk (CVC, TC, TR), polyester ammonia and other natural fiber fabrics .

F, from flower- bit limit . Digital printing is no plate-making process, but did not take place restrictions of any size can be printed flowers .

G, green. Polluting production process does not produce or release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, comply with environmental protection requirements, to meet the stringent quality requirements of the buyer .

H, can be printed on cotton fabric pieces positioned flowers, fabric sizing must first deal with first , and then transfer the pattern , and finally washed, transfer effects can be achieved colorful , soft, color fastness reached 4 .